List of the World's Biggest & Best Ad Networks

Want to know which ad networks are good and which should be avoided? Use the list below to research and get information about that specific ad network.

Top 5 Ad Networks Overall

Below are the top 5 companies who have self-serve options to their ad network. This table is based on personal experience, ease of use & notableness. These are the big players you need to know about if you are an entrepreneur.

Network Notes
Google Adwords The #1 ad network overall in virtually every country. Entirely Self-serve, and thanks to stellar technology, the easiest network to get profitable on. If you were to choose 1 traffic source to buy advertising on, Google should be it.
Facebook Ads With a huge number of daily Facebook users + excellent targeting capabilities + worldwide popularity, Facebook Ads is one of biggest, easiest-to-use & best ad networks available today.
Bing Ads (Microsoft) The self-serve section of Microsoft's advertising solution is like Google Adwords, but on a smaller scale. Offers search PPC on both Bing and Yahoo's search engine. A step up from this is contacting them directly for display media buys on Microsoft properties like
Yahoo Ad Network You can access Yahoo's search traffic from Bing Ads, but Yahoo also sells different types of advertising direct. One such program is Yahoo Stream Ads, which is self-serve and has a $25 deposit to get started.
AOL Advertising AOL is a behemoth in the online advertising industry and they offer 2 self-serve solutions, Adsonar (text ads) and AOL AdDesk (banners). AOL is not entirely self-serve though - they offer many advertising opportunities on their portfolio of web properties if you decide to approach them directly.

Top Ad Networks According to Comscore

Comscore is an analytics and marketing data company that releases monthly reports detailing the top web properties & ad networks. Big ad networks generally have worse targeting than something like Google Adwords, but they make up for it in scale. Instead of having a nice interface to manage and optimize your ads (like Google Adwords), you need to work closely with a rep at the network for your campaign to be a success.

Last updated: December 5, 2013 — comscore data

Rank Network Unique Visitors % Reach
1 Google Ad Network 213,751,000 94.9%
2 AOL/ 209,109,000 92.8%
3 AT&T AdWorks 193,427,000 85.9%
4 24/7 Real Media 192,052,000 85.3%
5 Microsoft Media Network 183,688,000 81.6%
6 Casale Media 183,270,000 81.4%
7 ValueClick 178,779,000 79.4%
8 RadiumOne 176,314,000 78.3%
9 Genome from Yahoo! 174,089,000 77.3%
10 Collective Display 169,884,000 75.4%
11 Burst Media 169,560,000 75.3%
12 Cox Digital Ad Network 161,458,000 71.7%
13 Tribal Fusion 160,511,000 71.3%
14 Federated Media 152,954,000 67.9%
15 Specific Media 150,804,000 67%
16 Rocket Fuel 131,674,000 58.5%
17 Undertone 124,361,000 55.2%
18 Vibrant Media 122,818,000 54.5%
19 Adconion Media Group 122,476,000 54.4%
20 PulsePoint 104,027,000 46.2%

PPC Search Ad Networks

This is a list of search PPC ad networks. Other networks sold on a Pay-Per-Click basis are listed in their respective category. This list is focused on traffic sources where somebody actually typed a keyword in a search engine somewhere.

Rank Network Type Quality
1 Google Adwords Self-serve Tier 1
2 Bing Ads also includes Yahoo search Self-serve Tier 1
3 adMarketplace Self-serve (with rep managed options) Tier 2 (syndicated search)
4 AdKnowledge Self-serve Tier 2 (syndicated search)
5 Self-serve Tier 2 (syndicated search)
6 Self-serve Tier 2 (syndicated search)
7 Affinity Self-serve Tier 2 (syndicated search)
8 Looksmart Self-serve Tier 2 (syndicated search)

CPV/PPV Ad Networks

Rank Network
1 Traffic Vance
2 LeadImpact
3 MediaTraffic
4 AdOnNetwork
5 DirectCPV
6 Clicksor
7 Findology

Self Serve Media Buy Networks High Traffic Websites

Rank Network
1 Facebook Ads
2 AOL Adsonar (text ads)
3 AOL AdDesk (banners)
4 AdBlade
5 Yabuka
6 Yahoo Stream Ads